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Things Anti-Abortionists Need to Think About.

How dare you presume to tell a woman that she’s required to carry a child that for whatever reason, she doesn’t want? Furthermore, if you insist on making that decision for her, are you willing to foot the bill to make sure that child grows up happy and healthy? Are you willing to ensure that the baby with a severe genetic disorder gets proper care and assistance? Will you adopt the kid that simply wasn’t wanted and pay for the therapy a rape survivor will need, buy groceries for the family that can’t afford them?

And now this shit in Virginia. State sanctioned rape. Requiring doctors to perform a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion. I truly can not fathom what kind of human being would think that was a good idea. It’s made even worse by the fact that these doctors know that the transvaginal ultrasound is rather unnecessary, causing even more emotional scars that women will have to bear. How sick do you have to be to decide that you’re going to force medical professionals to perform such acts? This is a Criminal Minds episode just waiting to happen. How long do you think it will take for a sexual sadist, a twisted sociopath to move to Virginia and set up shop, or possibly even worse, a good doctor to have a psychotic break because she or he can’t endure doing that to a woman? Way too much potential for disaster there, guys.

I’ve never had an abortion, and even though I’ve always been pro-choice, I never thought I’d be a girl who would get one. I was wrong. I was seeing a guy for a few weeks and ended up sleeping with him a couple of times. Long story short, the sex sucked and he was a complete tool. Yeah girl, you know just what I mean. Well once he figured out I didn’t want to see him anymore he called me up and said that sooner or later I’d be back with him because he’s poked holes in the condoms we had used. Apparently I was real classy and he wanted to hang on to me for a while. Cut through the absolute longest, most anxiety riddled two weeks of my entire freaking life, and guess who’s late. Yep. I wigged out. I work part time, make less than a thousand bucks a month, and I can’t find anything else to supplement that, believe me, I’ve tried.

I felt sick, I felt violated. I spent the next week until payday in a kind of shock, not really feeling anything but this icy numbness and I was glad for that numbness. I was actually surprised with myself when I decided that if I were indeed pregnant, I’d get an abortion. I couldn’t support a child, I wasn’t emotionally ready to be a parent, I had taken the steps to prevent that, and then almost fell victim to some deviant’s trap. Tell me I would have been wrong to go into a Planned Parenthood clinic and had a simple procedure to terminate a cluster of cells, I dare you. I’m lucky though, the test came back negative and I’d stressed myself out so much that I’d delayed my period. That cluster of cells would have started life in poverty with an emotionally distant mother and I highly doubt I’d ever be able to do much better if I had a child holding me back during the early years of my career. I won’t do that to a child. There are too many disadvantaged children out there already, too many single mothers who just can’t get a leg up in the world.

You can say I should have been on The Pill, but that means going to a doctor and when you only work part time you don’t get insurance to pay for such luxuries.

You can say I should have abstained. Actually, no you can shut up with that because this isn’t the Victorian Era anymore.

And now we’re to the old tried and true, adoption. Oh if only this were a perfect world, then that might be a possibility. Think about how many American children are sitting in foster care right now. Think about how many people go outside this country to adopt kids. Now think about those who sign up years in advance looking for that perfect child to adopt with each and every trait just as they want. And you still want women who’ve had abortions to be ashamed of themselves because there are women out there who can’t have kids. When the number of people who want to adopt exceeds the number of children who need parents then try your answer again.

Bottom line, stop trying to prevent women from getting abortions, it does more harm than good.

A New American Dream

Growing up I always thought the American Dream was pretty standard: house, car, job, 2.5 kids, and maybe a dog if you want one. Since the beginning of the Occupy Protests, I’ve been thinking that dream isn’t quite so cut and dried.

Everybody is unique. Each of us has something basic and true about ourselves that makes us different from everybody else. We all have different dreams. And with over 300 million people in this country, how can one dream serve for all of us?

Well here’s a new dream to consider: To be content. For most that simply means having the things we need; a job, a place to live, healthcare, safety, acceptance, sustenance, and to be around the people we love. Some, of course, don’t see it that way. Some think the American Dream is to be rich, have a fancy house, decked out ride, and to look better than everyone around them. Well frankly, that’s pretty damn Unamerican.

The politicians, bankers, celebrities, and their sycophantic admirers would have you believe in that corrupt, materialistic dream. Who wants to chase something so selfish, so false? Who wants to live in a place where they’ll never be good enough, wealthy enough, pretty enough? I sure don’t.

This is precisely why I so passionately support the protesters. They’re out there, day in and day out, braving the elements, the unlawful arrests, the indifference of the mainstream media. They face this all for the rest of us who either, like me, can’t afford to travel to a protest site, or don’t know enough about it to fight, or, saddest of all, those who don’t even care. They’re trying to protect the American Dream, save it, and put it back to what it should be.

So we’ve got a conundrum on our hands now. Who’s right? We have the people, who are just trying to get by, living paycheck to paycheck, paying taxes and contributing to society in any way they can; and we have the elites, who benefit from the hard work of the people, who work in conjunction across the government, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and financial industries to keep those same hard working people oppressed in any way they can.

We also have something amazing now that no generation before us has had: modern technology. We have the internet in our pockets, instant communication from one side of the country to the other at our fingertips. We have voices.

The forefathers of this country fought against taxation without representation and won, and they were fighting a government separated by an ocean. We’re facing that same problem again, plus many others they never would have predicted back in 1776, only this time our oppressors are right here at home. Right here at home, spending our money frivolously, running the people deeper and deeper into a pit of poverty and sadness. But now that the lines of communication and information are being blown open thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook, we may have a better chance.

Some would consider me a traitor to my country, sitting here hoping for revolution, but to those who do I have two things to say. How is wanting a better future for my nation and my fellow countrymen treason? If you want to see treason, well, just have a look at what Congress has been up to.

When revolution came to Egypt I wept. Not in sadness, but in the pure joy and hope that I felt seeing a people stand up and demand their rights. When Libyans overthrew their dictator I cheered for them. When a bunch of people took Zuccotti Park and New York City by storm, I was proud and excited and nervous and ready all at the same time. To see my fellow Americans so vehemently protesting the status quo, to know that there are people out there still willing to stand up for the American Dream in spite of the fact that the people in charge of America are on a mission to destroy it, was awe inspiring. Seeing that gave me hope for future generations. And now that I hear people calling the protesters terrorists I just want to scream.

If anything, the protesters are the truest patriots we have. They’re teachers, ex-military, waitresses, doctors, laborers, lawyers, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers all united with the central goal of saving this country from its government.

I don’t want to live in a place where words like terrorism and treason are becoming synonymous with patriotism, but until the real terrorists are out of power and this country is restored to its former glory, I guess I’ll just have to. I love what America symbolizes. I hate what it has become.

Let’s do ourselves a favor people. Let’s set a good example for the people of other nations. Let’s take back our freedom and the American Dream.

The Love of Diversity.

How dare you? How dare you look upon another person in disgust because they are different than you. Diversity is something to be praised! Without it, we’d never learn of the beauty the world holds.

Why shrink away when you pass someone of a different color? Turn your nose up when you hear rumors a friend is gay? And stand up screaming your religion for everyone to hear but suddenly go deaf when somebody brings up another one? This unfaltering hatred for the wonderful differences you find from person to person won’t get you anywhere.

I hope, no I beg, that others will see things this way, stop judging their neighbors based on race, religion, and sexuality, and open their hearts to the rest of the world.

Every friend I have is different from me in some way and I love each of them the same. Each one of them has showed me a piece of the world that I never knew existed. They’ve all turned me on to new music, new books, new ideas that I never had a clue about before. I hope I’ve been able to change them as much as they have changed me.

People ask me how I can be friends with Iraqi and Pakistani immigrants and still call myself an American, how I can go to lunch with my openly gay friend and his boyfriend without being embarrassed, and how I can date outside my race and still be proud of my Southern roots. How is a person even supposed to answer questions like that? I tell people I don’t judge others, which in a way is a lie. I don’t judge a person based on the shade of their skin, the god they pray to, or which kind of genitals they prefer to touch. I don’t care how much money people make, what they like to smoke, eat, drink, or where their family came from. I do, however, make judgments based on things that actually matter, a person’s actions, the way they treat others, if they put forth even a small effort to make the world a better place.

I don’t hate bigots simply for being bigots, but I do feel sorry for them. They’ll never know what it’s like to expand their horizons. They’ll face misery brought upon by their own refusal to love their fellow man.

I ask everyone who reads this to open their hearts and their minds to the rest of the world. If you think like I do, I ask you to spread this wonderful idea of inclusion and acceptance. If you disagree, well you’re entitled to your own opinions, but I hope some day you change your mind.

Love each other because of your differences, come together to share them and it might even change your life.



I started out intrigued by the Occupy Wall Street protests. I was already really interested in the ones in Egypt and Libya, having followed them obsessively when they were the talk of mainstream media.

Well, then I discovered twitter.

Great place to find political news and like-minded people sharing opinions. Not so great for sharing my own opinions. Lo and behold, tumblr. So yeah, here’s to spreading the word about issues I care about, sounding off about things that infuriate me, and who knows what else.

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